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We would be nothing

without our Fosters!

Snuggle Buddy
Making a Dog s Life Better
Help them heal 1
2 Seeing foster getting adopted
Comfortable and Trusting

LPDR pays for all veterinary care for dogs in our care. It is preferred that Fosters take their foster dog to his or her vet appointment; however, arrangements can be made if needed.

LPDR can supply you with the food, kennel/crate, toys, dishes, collar, leash, treats, etc. that are needed for your foster dog if any or all is needed. 


All you need is to supply a loving, caring, teaching and patient home for a dog or two. 

STEP 1:  Fill out the Foster Application questionnaire. (Link found below.)

STEP 2: You will be contacted by a Foster coordinator to discuss your application, answer any questions you may have, and set up a time for a home visit.

STEP 3:  Once approved, you will be provided access to the foster manual, added to our Facebook Foster group and can prepare for your first foster dog.  Our LPDR Fosters are a supportive group; we help each other as much as possible.

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