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Why DonatE?

Firstly, we would like to let you know that Lucky Paws (LPDR) is ran strictly by volunteers; no one is paid or given a stipend. LPDR does not receive grants, financial incentives/support or monetary help of any kind from any level of government.

Donations are a necessary part in running our rescue.

Here are a few examples of donation needs: all food, treats, toys, kennels/crates, collars, leashes, etc. We do not buy supplies unless it is a special type of item that the puppy or dog needs.

​​Donations are used to help pay vet invoices for not only vaccinations, wellness checkup and when needed, spays or neuters but for extra veterinary care as well. Extra care could include such items as: dental; various major surgeries such as amputation; medications - for fleas or mites, antibiotics for infections, eye or ear drops; or any special Veterinary care that may arise.

"Behind the scenes" expenses such as: this website; the online record keeper database; insurance; administrative needs such as paper, ink, folders, envelopes, stamps, etc.; and so on and so forth.

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